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Super Elephant (250 Grams)


This is a rare strain of Kratom selectively harvested from the deep jungles of Southwest Malaysia. This strain is most comparable with Bali, but its quality is at least twice that of a good Bali and is on level with the quality of the best Maeng Da. 

Elephant Kratom trees are indigenous to Malaysia and sport a much wider and larger leaf than other premium Kratoms. The leaf is dark green with white veins and stems. This is the best quality Malaysian Kratom Strain we’ve come across; it’s even better than Super Green Malay.  It is difficult to harvest but is more than worth the extra effort and cost. Once harvested, it’s milled to a very fine powder that is an extremely vibrant shade of green because of the special, indoor, quick drying process used. We call this strain "Elephant," as this is the name Malaysian locals have given it due to its leaf size, impactful scent, and high alkaloid content.

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