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Ceremony Grade Matcha Tea (40 Grams)

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40 Grams (14 tsp. servings) of our Ceremony Grade Matcha Tea (packaged in a reusable screw top tin – included).

Our Ceremony Grade Matcha Tea is our entry into the finest and highest grade of Matcha available.  Used exclusively for ceremonial occasions in Japan, it is the pinnacle of Matcha tea. Even in Japan, tea leaves of this quality are difficult to find.

Direct from the source, this Matcha tea is grown close to the river, where the soil is very fertile, which creates a noble, smooth, mellow and deep taste and aroma. Each leaf is grown under special conditions with particular, traditional production techniques.  The leaves are specially selected, masterfully grown, attended and hand picked by skilled farmer hands.

Our Ceremony Grade Matcha is for those who seek the best Matcha available anywhere

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