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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the ingredients in your products? Our powdered Kratom products are 100% pure Kratom with no additives.  To insure our high standards or quality, we test our products before offering them to our customers. Our extracts are made using advanced isolation chemistry to provide concentrated products with a full-spectrum alkaloid profile.
How come you don’t answer my questions regarding the effects or usage of Kratom?
Since Kratom is not FDA approved as a supplement, we cannot sell Kratom for consumption, so answering these questions is not appropriate. If you are purchasing our products for human consumption, we will cancel your account.
What's the best way to contact you?
The best way to contact us is through email. Contact Us
Where is your location?
We ship from and have warehouses located within the USA. We also have affiliate representatives in Southeast Asia, UK and Canada.
I have a product you might be interested in. What now?
Our store is very interested in discussing business development and cross licensing opportunities. Whether you are a fellow manufacturer, trader, grower, scientist, or just interested in offering your talents Contact us.

How is my order packaged and how do you ship? What about tracking?
All orders are packaged in USPS or related shipping materials or plain bags/boxes. We ship USPS Priority Mail and Express Mail for orders in the United States.  We email you a  notification email tracking number to confirm that your package has been shipped and so you can track the your package.  We guarantee your order will be delivered to the address we are given. If we are given an incomplete or wrong address, the customer will be responsible for secondary shipping charges. We guarantee delivery of your package; we do not guarantee shipping times.
What is your shipping policy and how long does it take for you to ship?
Please refer to our shipping link located at the top of each page of the website. For the purposes of this delivery guarantee, delivery is defined as USPS tracking confirmation of delivery.  Once USPS tracking reflects delivery, your order for the purposes of our responsibility and liability is consider delivered.  We do not provide any refunds or replacements of any orders lost or stolen after delivery has been confirmed through USPS tracking.
How long does it take to receive an order? This completely depends on the shipping service you select and where you live. Typically it takes between 2-3 days for USPS Priority Mail shipping to most parts of the United States. We cannot be responsible for delays caused by the shipping service provider, but are glad to assist if there is a shipping problem. USPS does provide delivery confirmation, but many times the shipment does not show up in tracking until it reaches its city of destination. Do not be alarmed if your shipment does not show up in tracking until the day it is delivered.
My order did not show up in tracking, why?
Do not be alarmed if your shipment does not show up in tracking until the day it is delivered. Many times the shipment does not show up in tracking until it reaches its city of destination. Priority Mail “tracking” is better called delivery confirmation because by the time the USPS system updates the in the system it has already been delivered. If tracking is very important to you please request Express mail. When there appears to be a shipping problem, send us an email and we will launch an investigation with USPS. We will respond by email and let you know of anything we learn. Typically, only a couple of packages per thousands of mailings are lost. If your package is lost we will re-ship your order at no cost to you.
What is your policy if I provided you the wrong shipping address or do not make arrangements to pick up my order when delivered?
It is entirely your responsibility to provide us with the correct shipping address. If you provided the wrong shipping address or do not pick up your package from the post office or shipping service after multiple delivery attempts, your package will be sent back to us. For us to re-ship your order, you agree to pre-pay our shipping cost to re-ship your order. If we shipped to an address other than what you provided re-shipping is paid by us. Otherwise, shipping and handling charges are non-negotiable and non-refundable.
My package arrived, but the shipping service badly abused the package. What is your policy for damaged or missing packages?
We take great care and expense in packaging orders to stand up to even the worse USPS abuse. Kratom Experience has never had a package delivered with damaged products. Each package we ship has tracking and delivery confirmation. We do not replace or refund your order after delivery confirmation of your package. If your package is lost and there is no delivery confirmation, we will replace or refund your order. We are human; if we ship to an address other than as supplied and delivery confirmation is not received we will immediately replace or refund your order at no charge. Please allow for a minimum of 8 postal shipping days before making a claim with us. We track all of our inventory and ordering on a real time basis using sophisticated inventory and shipping software. If you are missing an item from your order our system is capable of verifying. If this occurs we will ship you the missing product.
Privacy Policy and its affiliates use of buyer information that you submit to us through this Web site is governed by our Privacy Policy. only collects personal information when you request our services and only uses the information to provide those services and products to you. If you choose to make a purchase, you will be asked to provide contact, credit card and related information. This information is used for billing purposes and to process your order. All information provided is handled with the utmost confidentiality. Besides third party payment processing and shipping services, any personal information provided will not be traded, rented, sold or otherwise shared with anyone outside of and its affiliates.
How secure is your site?
We have gone to great lengths to ensure that your information is safe on Kratom Experience. Your information is secured through the SSL protocol with 256-bit AES encryption and stored on a protected, private server.