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1/2 Kilo Bali Special - Two Different Bali's

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250 grams of our Bali Reserve (Super Premium Bali) Kratom powder plus 250 grams of Super Green Bali Kratom (500 grams total).  

You won't find better quality at a price this low.

Bali Reserve:  We have located a source of Super Premium Bali Kratom chosen for its high alkaloid content.  This is not a typical commercial Bali blend and contains only the highest quality Bali leaf available.  Our Bali Reserve Kratom was harvested from a private field of mature, wild jungle Kratom trees, destemmed, and then carefully dried indoors to maintain its quality.

Super Green Bali:  This super grade Bali Kratom is one of the highest quality strains we have found.  Sourced from mature, deep jungle trees, this Bali Kratom is cultivated and known for its special properties.

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