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Five Star Kava (100 Grams)


Five Star Kava is green Kava roots that are processed in to root powder straight from the harvest fields (Green Kava).  The green kava is processed right through to powder without drying or seeing any sunlight. This process is time consuming and also takes special processing equipment. Because of the added expense you don't see much of this type of Kava on the market.   However, the secret of processing Kava this way is that it contains more of its kavalactones and is better tasting that any other type of Kava.  Five Star Kava root powder is a smooth less bitter tasting Kava powder and is more more potent than dried Kava. It is definitely worth the extra cost if you truly appreciate Kava.

Order this Kava when you absolutely want the best and highest quality Kava available.

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